Jizoan Zen Centre is an urban Zen comunity located in Perth, Western Australia. Jizoan offers a variety of practice oppurtunities in the Rinzai Zen tradition. Our vision focuses on the integration of practice, arts, enviromental appreciation and social awareness, bringing together Wisdom and Compassion.  

ZEN MEDITATION at Jizoan Zen Centre

Please come join us in our beatiful centre and gardens and look for opportunities to begin or deepen your Zen practice.

Beginners Orientation Tuesday evenings
A chance for you to attend, meet the teacher, get to know how Zen practice in a group takes place and go from there. After which you can join any sitting evening or day. Please see the advice for first time arrivals.

Evening Zazen meditation and talks 
6.30 pm Sunday to Friday

Morning Zazen meditation 
7am Saturdays and Sundays

You will need to email before coming, and attend beginners night on Tuesdays at least once.

First time arrivals                                                          


Shakkyo is copying out the Heart Sutra as meditation. Since copying out the sutra silently requires complete concentration in the activity, by doing so we become one through the activity with the words on the page as the ink touches the paper. This activity harmonizes body and mind, through the flow of creative energy.

If you feel copying out the characters would be too intimidating a task, alternately you may copy various Buddhist figures such as the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

At Jizoan you can do Shakkyo in front of the Stone garden.

it isn't anything as hard as it might look!

What does it say?

Kosesshin - Zen meditation and inquiry retreats

Kosesshin lasts Friday to Monday (4days 3nights) in July, September and December each year.


Zazenkai: Last Saturday of each Month All day silent meditation 

· 5am to 4pm Saturday Silent intensives (Zazenkai) with Koans (advanced members only). Including Shorin ryojin Breakfast and lunch. It’s an advantage, but not absolutely essential, to have already done some short evening sitting with us or another authentic Zen group. The day consists of Zan meditation periods, interlaced with sanzen interviews for experienced members, shakkyo and light samu periods. The day is mostly silent.


Last Saturday in each month

     Members $50* Non-Members $80  

*Discount is available to monthly members who participate in the regular zazen at Jizoan for 2 months or more.  

Weekend stays at JZC are possible on application.

Getting to Jizoan Zen Centre (Cars, Buses and Trains)

The temple is located near Stock road and Winterfold road off Redmond road. A 5 minute drive from Fremantle or 15 minutes currently on the Free way South bound.
Please indicate to us if you are taking the bus or are new to Perth/Fremantle and we'll do our best to help you.

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