being with 'This' MIND


Zen is also known as the Mind School of Buddhism. Sakyamuni Buddha taught he was 'just a man, not a god', an ordinary person and he had found a way to overcome the difficulties of this life, through deep spiritual introspection and meditation. Zen is the continuation of this core approach to understanding ourselves as key to freedom.

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There are many ways into Zen. Read  some below

Zen and Martial Arts

Arts and Culture have been connected to Zen for thousands of years as Moving Zen. Zen is about the truth of people, not principle or gods. Living with each other we refine ourselves together, mutually we grow.

A Martial Arts group meets at Perth Zen Centre Jizoan training in traditional Japanese Martial arts of Iaijutsu and Aikijujutsu.



There is no enemy, there is no competition, no winning, no losing 

Zen and Tea

Tea and Zen have been connected for centuries, Tea is simple in taste and symbolizes the Human spirit. And so Tea and Zen have become inseparable, ChaZen Ichimi - Tea Zen as One.



A single swallow of tea, a single swallow of life.

Poet's Hermitage

The Hermitage at Perth Zen Centre Jizoan is available to stay with us and practice and create. A guest house space to enjoy living detached from the world for a few days and practice Zen with us 

Walking Zen

Zen is Life, and Life is Zen, a beautiful way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon than walking with us from the Zendo and back and finish with round of sitting Zen and a cup of tea

Zen Brush​ 

In Zen Practice we learn to become one with the brush- one breath, one stroke, one circle.

Everything is encompassed within that one Enso… and then we let it go. As our meditation practice matures, people naturally become more creative, and the enso is a wonderful expression of this. Everything in that moment is transferred to the piece of art. It is a living piece. The way of the brush becomes metaphor for life.

The Art of Mujyo zenji​ 

Rinzai Zen has a long line of Zen Artists, monks, nuns, and lay people. Mujyo zenji is no exception, Mujyo has studied half his life time in Kyoto. 

His Art ranges over 3D sculpture to calligraphy (Zensho) and pictorial work (Zenga). Not just an imitation of Japanese and Chinese styles, Mujyo's work expresses the suble principle of effortless Bujin 無爲

Talks and Tea

and Life coaching 




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The Australian Zen Studies Institute is a not-for-profit founded as a multicultural Zen Buddhist Community in which people of all abilities discover shared humanity by direct seeing.

We are open to all committed to cultivating a practice in diversity and multiculturalism by practicing to dissolve the all barriers that perpetuate the suffering of separation, prejudice, and discrimination. To expand and develop our awareness of the ways we are conditioned to separate ourselves by socio-economics, nationality, race, age, belief, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability and other forms of identity. To realize 'THIS' Mind.



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