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Perth Zen Centre Jizoan

Perth  Zen Centre Jizoan, offers daily Zen meditation, Zen  talks, and programs on Zen Buddhist teachings, Zen Buddhist art, Cultural arts, and social engagement 



​There are many ways into Zen, not one size fits all.

Zen Buddhism is distinct from other Buddhist schools in that it places all importance on meditation called Za-zen.

New people should come along to the Aishiteru - Meeting Heart workshops

After that you can sit weekly with us once a week or many times a week, its up to you. There are currently 5 public sittings available a week.


Arts and Culture have been connected to Zen for thousands of years as Moving Zen.


Be inspired by the rich tradition of Zen Buddhism, to create ideas and become more engaged fully within and outside.

At the Zendo we are encouraging a rich community of artists and we also have traditional arts 

Tea and Zen have been connected for centuries, Tea is simple in taste and symbolizes the Human spirit. And so Tea and Zen have become inseparable, 'Cha Zen Ichimi' - Tea Zen as One.


Zen is about the truth of people. Living with each other we refine ourselves together, mutually we grow.

A Martial Arts group meets at Perth Zen Centre Jizoan training in traditional Japanese Martial arts of Iaijutsu and Aikijujutsu.

There is no enemy, there is no competition, no winning, no losing

Zen Saying

One Breath, One Thought

Get Started

Please do not come without an appointment, the Zen Centre is also a private residency and time is reserved for appointments and the public schedule. If you would like more information or to register for one of our sittings, workshops or other general inquiry. Please tell us what you are interested in Daily sitting, Introduction workshop, Life coaching, Retreats, Martial Arts (Kobudo), Visual arts coaching.


Someone will reply usually in 24 hrs.

Thanks! Message sent.

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