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Thank you for your inquiry, we normally reply in the next 24 hours. Zen begins with patience.

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Entering the Gate


Zen is also called the Mind school, because it is concerned with day to day Mind. Where are you? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? Is there really a start and a destination?

For a Zen mind none of this is a problem but rather an opportunity.

Zen is not a school of Buddhism founded in superstition but rather a proven 2500 year old tradition of understanding the Mind.  The experience of many generations of Zen masters from the historical Buddha right down to the present.


There are many ways into Zen, not one size fits all.

Some people might sit weekly with us (recommended) or many times a week, but others especially geographically challenged, might come once a month to the weekend zazenkai/workshop.


Workshops are held at Perth Zen Centre Jizoan on a regular basis, covering many different facets of Zen, Lifestyle and practice helping you to understand and experience the full connection between Zen meditation and living and experiencing mindfully.


Twice a year a Special Zazenkai is held from 7am until 7pm giving a chance to immerse in all day zazen and Koan study.


Sesshin retreats are also part of Zen. The Ko-sesshin at Jizoan last 4 days and are held mid year June or July, and December.


Life coaching one-on-one meetings are also available from a uniquely Zen perspective.



To practice Zen is to let go of thoughts and judgments centering on our agendas. Opening our minds to life just as it is, beyond our thoughts about it, we can live fully and wholeheartedly.


Please do not come without an appointment, the Zen Centre is also a private residency and time is reserved for appointments and the public schedule. If you would like more information or to register for one of our sittings, workshops or other general inquiry. Please tell us what you are interested in Daily sitting, Monthly workshops, Life coaching, Retreats, Martial Arts, Visual arts coaching.


Someone will reply usually in 24 hrs.

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