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Zazen of the Heart - Zen and the Heart Sutra - May 21

Focussing on the writing of Hakuin Ekaku zenji and looking at the role of Compassion in everyday life and the relationship to Everyday Zen training.

The Heart Sutra is one of the central and universal Sutras of Mahayana Buddha Way, The Sutra it's self delves into the relationship between Compassion and Mind (Mind and Heart being regarded as one and the same). Hakuin Ekaku zenji is the 16th century reformer of the Rinzai Zen school, sometimes referred to as 'Hakuin Zen'. Hakuin regarded the Heart Sutra highly and considered it's study essential for lay Zen. His treatise on the Heart Sutra is known in English as 'Wild Ivy', because Ivy gets under your skin just as true Compassion must.

The Workshop will open with a round of morning zazen followed by a short workshop for first timers on lunch and dinner proceedures and other practical information about Zen training. After lunch there will be the main talk on Hannya Shingyo and Hakuin zenji's comentaries on it. Followed by a period of Shakkyo copying out and dedicating the Heart Sutra fro all beings. After Dinner we will close as always with last Zazen. Tea, lunch and Dinner will be included, in Shojin Ryojin style (Mountain Vegan).

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