Mujyo Zenji is back from Kyoto

June Zazenkai

July Kosesshin

Mujyo Zenji is back from the Kyoto

and the regular schedule will resume as normal from Thursday June 22. See the normal schedule below.


'One Breath - One Life' - Zen saying

Sunday June 25th 7am to 3pm

The day includes morning and evening sittings and Koan interview (Sanzen), lunch and afternoon zazenkai

Helping around the Zendo (Samu).

Zen is not a religious experience, it is simply being with self. Just as you are. Sometimes that's rather confronting, some of us haven't been alone with ourselves since we were born, but this one life is a chance for us to be with this Life.

Koans offer us a vehicle to touch base with the core of Zen. Of course zazen is a foundation of it's self but Zen without Koan is just a meditation group not really Zen. Zen in ultimately looking within yourself, not at your experiences and memories but deeper into the One Mind that is you before conditioning. Koans strip away the layers and help us to search, catch, tame, and ultimately let go of Mind and live freely with our selves and then with others.

The day is held at Perth Zen Centre Jizoan and Mujyo, certified Koan teacher in the Rinzai Zen tradition will be leading.

Please register through the Contact page at for further details and participation.

July 4 day Ko-sesshin

This Year's winter Sesshin will be from July 6th t July 9th. More details are available by inquiry and registration is nessesary one week prior. It's the custom that participants stay the full 4 days (3 nights) so as to not disrupt others with coming and going and to emmerse in Zazen.

Sesshin is not difficult but leaving behind our conditioning and surrendering to zazen sometimes is, especially in the beginning, it usually takes 2 or 3 Sesshin to get the ropes of it and trully turn it into a tool for your mind, so don't expect bliss, but don't expect disappointment either. Fear is the root of suffering, 'fear leads to ignorance, ignorance leads to suffering' so the Buddha taught.


Signing a petition to the Prime Minister

  • Perth religious leaders sign joint statement in support of civil marriage equality

  • Religious leaders look to the government for leadership in legislating for marriage equality as a matter of social justice.

The Western Australian signatories include:

  • Reverend Lorna Green, Chair, Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission, Diocese of Perth

  • Reverend Venerable Mujyo Williams, Abbot & Spiritual Director, Jizoan Zen Temple, Chairperson Australian Zen Studies Institute.

  • Reverend Chris Bedding, Rector, Anglican Parish of Darlington-Bellevue

  • Reverend Craig Collas, Wesley Uniting Church

  • Reverend Peter Manuel, Parish Priest, Anglican Parish of Subiaco

  • Reverend Stuart Fenner, Parish Priest, Anglican Parish of Swan

  • Reverend John Dunn, Former Moderator Uniting Church in Australia WA Synod

  • Reverend Emeritus Professor William Loader, FAHA, Uniting Church

  • Reverend Dr Ian Tozer, Uniting Church in Australia

  • Reverend Marion Millin, Uniting Church in Australia (ret.)

  • Reverend Hollis Wilson, Chaplain & Minister of the Word, Methodist Ladies’ College (Uniting Church in Australia)

Why does it matter? Currently a couple who wish to gat married even if the Religious or Spiritual tradition agrees, can't. Under law only hetrosexual marriages aare recognized. We think this is wrong, also this creates legal headaches.

Regular Schedule at Perth Zen Centre Jizoan

Weekly beginner's Thursdays 6.30 (1 month registration)

Daily sitting Monday, Wednesday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings 7am

Monthly Shodo class 2nd Saturday each month

If you would like to attend any of the events and regular schedules at Jizoan please email fron the contact page


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