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The annual Rohatsu Kosesshin will take place from Saturday the 16th of December this Year. The Kosseshin is a a Four day intensive training period.

If you have already sat with us or another bonefide Zen group and wish to join, please contact us from the main website contact page at australianzen.org for additional details.

Every year we host 2 All day Zazenkai (Zazen intensives) and 2 Four day Kosseshin (long intensives) and most months a workshop.

New Marriage Act

For anyone who doesn't know, the Senate has passed the new bill for the Marriage act following the successful survey result and earlier Senate inquiry. We are waiting expectantly for the Lower house to vote in support, which should take place soon either just before or just after the Parliament goes to Holidays.

Australian Zen Studies Institute and 29 other Zen groups around Australia completed and signed in early 2016 after 2 years of work the 'Statement of Support for Equality' and submitted in 2017 a successful contribution to the Senate Inquiry into what legal form the new Bill might take. We did not accomplish this alone as a lobby group, and dozens of other Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups also lobbied this Bill and it's changes, but no lobby group achieved this, it is ultimately that we simply echoed the sentiment of moving forward into the 21st century by the Australian public. We simply lent weight and informed opinion to ensuring that changes could not be ignored.

Sennindo construction

Among our ongoing projects at Jizoan to improve the building and grounds is the edition of the Sennido or 'Hermitage' at the back of the property. When completed the Sennindo will include a three Tatami main room and entrance.

Although we are more than 75% to completion by December 2017 we estimate we are still short $1500.


Last week we launched our first Podcast from the Zendo on Youtube. Please consider Subscribing to the Channel and supporting it.


The Podcasts include some of the talks given at Jizoan. Please listen, Like, and Share, and consider supporting if you don't already sit at the Zendo.

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