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New Year 2018

POD CASTING If you're not already up on it, we post a talk to Youtube every couple of weeks, not every talk goes up, but quite a few, plus a couple of others. At the moment you can expect that most are recordings of Teisho lectures on Zen and how o live, while others deal with related Arts and Zen culture. Usually the recordings are between 7 and 15 minutes in length. So if you miss being at the Zendo, at least you can catch up a little. Though we'd remind you that Zen is not just listening and reading but also doing, and doing involves sitting at home, the Zendo, and going for instruction and interviews with a teacher. Please support the videos, and the Zendo and remember if you can subscribe to Netflix to zone out, why can't you subscribe to our channel and support it by listening and donating too?

To listen and study Zen properly we also recommend you to get a copy of the Gateless Barrier Zen Comments on the Mumonkan by Zenkie Shibayama.

Sennindo construction

You will notice among other changes to the landing page of the website this year 'Poet's Hermitage'. Among our ongoing projects at Jizoan to improve the building and grounds is the edition of the Sennido or 'Hermitage' at the back of the property. When completed the Sennindo will include a three Tatami main room and entrance, we are close.

We are seeking donations for tatami, to date we have raised $650 towards this with a remaining minium of $300 to get so far.

New Year

2018 is exciting because there's never been a better time for medicine, science, social advancement, but it's still tough, there are still people in the world who suffer spiritually and physically through uncountable ways.

When you are faced with this, as you have been previously be positive, remember though you are a grain of sand in the garden, when even a grain of sand is moved, the universe is changed.

Then together we all make the coming year better even grain by grain, and grains soon add up to a mountain.

2018 schedule

Please note Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings we are open for sittings, Sanzen takes place on Thursday evenings presently during the Zazen period.

Further announcements about the 2018 Kosseshin schedule will be made, prior to June.


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