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March around the Zendo

Zen Life as Meaning for you life


Some of the Zendo talks or Teisho are Podcast through Youtube, so this gives some of you a chance to catch up and be part of the community. But do if you can come along, sit, join in sanzen. There is a very rare opportunity here at the Zendo to engage in a dedicated Zen community and with a dedicated Osho and authentic mondo one on one as we've carried out in the Zen tradition all the way back to Sakyamuni.


Sennindo construction

You will notice among other changes to the landing page of the website this year 'Poet's Hermitage'. Among our ongoing projects at Jizoan to improve the building and grounds is the edition of the Sennido or 'Hermitage' at the back of the property. When completed the Sennindo will include a three Tatami main room and entrance, we are close.

We are seeking donations for tatami, to date we have raised $650 towards this with a remaining minimum of $300 to get so far.

Over 2018 after the Sennindo is complete we will begin on renovations to enlarge the Tokojo and give it a proper entrance from the West by removing the current window and installing stairs.

Another project is ZEN GARAGE as a craft centre.

2018 schedule

Please note Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings we are open for sittings, Sanzen takes place on Thursday evenings presently during the Zazen period.

Further announcements about the 2018 Kosseshin schedule will be made, prior to June.


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