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Long Zazenkai: Saturday April 20

You are invited to attend one of Jizoan's twice annual days of Long Zazenkai next Saturday from 7am until 7pm. The day is a serious opportunity to deepen your practice in the traditional manner of silent retreat.

It involves many sittings of zazen, opportunities for sanzen, and shojjn (vegan) lunch of the Zen tradition and dinner.

Designed as a taste of monastic life and its rhythms, it is also a chance to sample or build toward our sesshin in late-June/early-July. If you feel you can't make the four days of sesshin, then long zazenkai can be a chance to do this instead.

If you would like to attend please contact us at infozencentre@gmail.com or through the contact link in the website.

If you can't make it, contributions of every kind are welcome: financial, time, food. Don't forget that contributions to the community can take many forms other than sitting.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.



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