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New for first half of 2019

Hi everyone.

Weekly Zazenkai

Thursday evening for beginners continues. Which includes zazen instruction, a dharma talk and tea, and opportunity for advanced Zen training.

Monthly Saturday half day Zazenkai

3rd weekend in every month. A gentle introduction for beginning sitters. The morning includes instruction in sitting meditation (zazen) and walking meditation (kinhin), followed by alternating brief periods of zazen (20–25 minutes) and kinhin (3–5 minutes), tea, and discussion with the Roshi. The morning concludes with lunch, which provides the opportunity for more informal conversation. regular sitters can also do Sanzen interviews over Koans.

Bi Yearly All day Zazenkai

date to be announced usually we hold this middle of the 1st set of school holidays.


To mention, besides the importance of Zazen, you know that Koan training forms the core of Zen and remember that this is offered for those who wish to, and that the Zen centre is in the rare situation of being able do this through Mujyo roshi. You can sit at home, and should, but you can't get face to face instruction there, that's something you can only do at the Zendo with the Roshi.

4 day Sesshin

June or July, date to be announced usually we hold this middle of the second school holidays, Mid year. We spend up to 4 days meditating, eating, and in silence, devoting every aspect of the day to the realization of the Buddha Way.


We have three new large stones, we're putting together a team to move them into place in the West garden, using winch and lever. we have three people easy, but we are looking for 2 more.


Actually not new, but restarting on Monday nights. Brush, Ink and Paper supplied.


Continues Saturday and Sunday mornings as normal and Wednesday afternoons. March 9 demonstration at the Perth Japanese Festival is coming up, and we also expect to demonstrate again in October at UWA. Mid year Gasshukai or group weekend intensive is planned for this year.

Thank you for your ongoing support monthly by presence or donation.

Fees for practice offerings, workshops, classes and special events are kept as low as possible. These fees are, however, a major source of operating income, the Zendo is not externally funded all Rinzai teachers and Centres depend on their own means. The Roshi never turns away assistance to those who are genuinely unable to afford the listed or limited income price of a particular program offering.

Perth Zen Centre also known as Jizoan Zendo, is a Buddhist practice center in the Japanese Rinzai Zen tradition offering training in Zen meditation, Koan training and ordinary work. Our effort at is to awaken in ourselves and the many people who come here the Bodhisattva spirit, the spirit of kindness and realistic helpfulness. This is how we offer our understanding of Buddha's Way.

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