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What is a Kosesshin?

Kosesshin is an intensive training period, not a retreat. When people usually think of a retreat in Western Wellness/Mindfulness industry they usually think of going somewhere to chill. A retreat is like a trendy holiday, a sesshin is not. It's an intensive period of looking to your being, participating in a temple schedule without your toys. Be real. A Sesshin is hard work on yourself. Just yourself, because that's all you need.

The schedule includes rising at 4am, eating strictly Vegan food (Shojin Ryori), Koan study - multiple meetings a day with the Roshi, multiple periods of Zazen.

Kosesshin this July begins 12 July and finishes 15 July.

Last registrations are closing soon. Please contact the Zendo Jisha officer; Mark from the contact page if this website or Jizoanmark@gmail.com if you haven't already done so.

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