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The monthly zazenkai affords an opportunity to extend Zen training beyond just an hour and a half and taste other aspects of Zen

Zazenkai includes the following activity during the morning;

zazen (sitting meditation), samu (temple work) and Vegan Shojin Ryori (temple meals), Taikyokuken (Chi Kung breathing and movement exercises).

Zazenkai is a wonderful opportunity -- in between the movement of your workaday schedule -- to deepen your practice in structured silence and beautiful gardens and rooms.

Also during this day private sanzen (Koan exercises) interviews are available with Mujyo Roshi, in order to confront, refine, discover and re-discover who we really are.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged for Zazenkai: beginners and the experienced. Please write back with any questions or expressions of interest.

This is an opportunity to put away the phone and be in mindful presence of one another, appreciating and refining those relationships with ourselves, our community and the world.

Please email us from the contacts page if you would like to register.

Don't forget there is also a weekly schedule of Zazen, Taikyokuken and Kobudo at the temple if you wish to inquire about registration also.

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