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Saturday October 26 2019

On Saturday October 26 our next half day Zazenkai will take place from 7am to 1pm.

Zazenkai allows you to deepen your Zen training as community, beyond a meditation group and experience Sangha community through: zazen (sitting meditation), samu (work) and vegan Shojin Ryori (meals). It is a wonderful opportunity -- in between the movement of your workday schedule -- to deepen your practice in structured silence and beautiful gardens and interiors.

Also during this day private sanzen interviews are available with Mujyo Roshi, in order to confront, refine, discover and re-discover who we really are.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged for Zazenkai: beginners and the experienced. Please write back with any questions or expressions of interest.

This is an opportunity to put away the phone and be in mindful presence of one another, appreciating and refining those relationships with ourselves, our community and the world.


SAN-ZEN INTERVIEWS - What are they???

Sanzen is a ONE ON ONE exchange between teacher and student in Zen, an older term that's often heard is Mondo or Dharma Battles or literally at the Dharma Gate.

The practice is not a confession, it's not a psychology interview, or discussion in philosophy, its about getting at the centre of being. Sanzen is about helping you deepen your Zazen and centre yourself. The teacher does not tell you the right answers or even that there are right answers, the Teacher does not teach, as so much be a sounding board for your present training and help take you forward.

In the Rinzai tradition these interviews take place as often as possible, usually during Sesshin intensives and during Zazen periods during the weekly sitting, The proccedure during weekly sittings is to get and leave the Zendo and walk over to the Sennindo then return to the Zendo when finished.

The Koan Collection the Mumonkan 'THe Gateless Barrier' is used.


Recently on Wednesdays at 6pm Steven now takes people for Chi-Kung exercises for 20 minutes or so. This is going strongly. No flexibility is required, the exercises are slow and all done while standing, it's optional whether to stay for Zazen at 6.30pm or not.

If you have never been to the Zendo before please book from the Contact Page


Continues on weekend mornings following the 7am Zazen,

Inquiries are open to people who have already attended the Zazen a few times. The form of Kobudo taught at the Zendo is Kaori Shinto Ryu Swordsmanship, it's open to anyone by invitation after attending at the Zendo a few times, if you are looking for a quick relaxation or work out this is not for you. Authentic Kobudo is a life time training commitment.

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