August 20, 2020

Hello all -- we hope you are doing well.


On Saturday August 22 our next Zazenkai will take place from 7am to 2pm.


Zazenkai allows you to deepen your Zen training beyond a meditation group and experience Sangha community through zazen (sitting meditation), samu (work), shakyo (calligraphy) and vegan Shojin Ryori (meals). It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice in structured silence and beautiful gardens and interiors.


Also during this day private sanzen interviews are available with Mujyo Roshi, in order to confront, refine, discover and re-discover who we really are.


Anyone is welcome and encouraged for Zazenkai: beginners and the experienced. This is an opportunity to put away the phone, appreciating and refining those relationships with ourselves, our community and the world.


Please write back with any questions or to reserve your place. We have fewer than ten places available. 








August is the month of O-bon, it originates from Veneralble Sakyamuni's passing into Pari-Nirvana and therefore August is the month to remember those who have passed away. Especially important are the 15th to 18th, coinciding with Sakaymuni's illness and finally his passing, and also the 28 to the 31st which is also known as JIzo-bon, in some places a children's party will take place. Jizo is the Bodhisattva of Children, Mothers, Soldiers, Firemen and Pilgrims (people who are at great risk).


Most Buddhist temples have some sort of services during August. 


At Jizo-an we usually mark O-bon with a longer Butsuritsu after the first zazen during the Monthly Zazenkai. Anyone is welcome. About 7.50am





BECOME A MEMBER of the Jizoan Zen Center:

Please join us and support Jizoan's commitment to Zen Buddhist practice, teachings, and service. Your friendship and collaboration are the seeds which cultivate dharma practice.

At Jizoan, we deeply appreciate the generosity of our members who provide essential support of our sangha, our practice, and our social action programs. It is only through the kindness of our friends that we may continue along this path.

Please enquire if interested in becoming a member. 





Regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19):


Less than ten people attend zazenkai. For many people this is fewer than the number of people they work with, and considerably fewer people than they would normally meet in everyday dealings over a weekend, so please exercise your own judgement about attending.








Mark Unryu Seman


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