November Zazenkai and end of year News

Zazenkai: Sunday November 22

This is the last zazenkai before Rohatsu Kosesshin(4 day intensive) in December. Ideally you should come to this zazenkai if wish to participate in the Ko-Sesshin.

The Zazenkai runs most of a day and helps you to deepen your Zen training beyond just a meditaion group experience because you are engaged in Zen life for most of the day, making new friends in some cases who are training with you, in some cases doing new things we would not normally do at one of the weekly sittings such as Shodo (way of brush), Shakyo (calligraghy), shojin ryori (vegan meal).

The zazenkai is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice in structured silence and beautiful gardens and interiors. Also during this day private sanzen interviews are available with Mujyo Roshi, in order to confront, refine, discover and re-discover who we really are.

Mujyo roshi will give a Zen talk

Anyone is welcome and encouraged for Zazenkai: beginners and the experienced. This is an opportunity to put away the phone, appreciating and refining those relationships with ourselves, our community and the world.

Please write back with any questions or to reserve your place. We have fewer than ten places available.

December Ko-sesshin

At Jizo-an we hold a 4 day intensive twice a year, in the Zen tradition these intensives are called Ko-sesshin and follow a schedule of early rising, multiple periods of Zazen, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sanzen interviews. Sesshin are totally immersive periods of training for a Zen Person. Since there are traditions to be learned before hand we recommend its most ideal that you have attended the Zendo a few times before coming unless you have genuine experience somewhere else.

Exact dates yet to be announced

Coming New Year's Eve

Annually we hold SHOGATSU! New Years Eve 108 Bell ringing service to see out the old year.

Please Register with us for all activities and inquiries

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