Our Youtube Channel is getting up and away, you can find new content there about things Zen. Some talks given at the Zendo on the Playlist "Mountain Zen' as well as new videos just for Youtube about Zen. And we want to direct anyone who has never been to the temple or only once or twice and is just beginning or trying to find out what Zen is, to the following links


This Sunday is our monthly half day zazenkai, if you want to know more or you are a regular wanting to register please email to

An Article by Mark Unryu Seman

What is Zen Training to me?

Wednesdays*, and Thursdays* at 6.15pm until 8pm including tea.

Saturday and Sunday morning 6.50am until 8am.

Sunday* afternoon's 3.45PM.

Howa Talks Saturdays evenings between 5pm and 6pm (might slip over 6pm a little).

Once a month long Zazenkai usually 3rd Sunday of each month

Weekly Martial Arts Group every weekend morning

Monthly Tea group

*Sanzen interviews also during the zazen period

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