Zazenkai this Month

Hello all! We hope you are doing well.

~~~ On Sunday* February 21 our next Zazenkai will take place from 7am to 2pm. *Take note that zazenkais have shifted to Sundays now. They are no longer held on a Saturday.


Zazenkai is a half-day intensive which uses the extra space to do something more than zazen. Beyond a regular sitting, it offers a taste of deep, authentic, monastic Zen life for a day. At zazenkai our activities include zazen (sitting), sarei (tea), okyo (chanting), samu (work), sanzen (interviews with Mujyo Roshi), shojin ryori meals (vegan), shakyo (calligraphy) and a teisho (dharma talk) by Mujyo Roshi. Zazenkai is a chance to wake up in the company of others doing same. And for those considering long zazenkai (April and October) or sesshin (July and December), it is an opportunity to build up toward those occasions. We have scheduled our zazenkai on Sundays, until 2pm, to give laypeople their best chance of attending. Take it! All our welcome at Zazenkai. Please write back with any questions or to reserve a place. We have fewer than ten places available.

Please register by email or the link on this notice and website. ~~~


Jizoan is a Zen Temple in the Rinzai tradition of Zen Buddhism. Our training is a continual tradition all the way back to Venerable Sakyamuni Sidhatha the Historical Buddha. Training at Jizoan follows the Hakuin lineage of Rinzai Zen.

BECOME A MEMBER of the Jizoan Zen Center: Please join us and support Jizoan's commitment to Zen Buddhist practice, teachings, and service. Your friendship and collaboration are the seeds which cultivate dharma practice. At Jizoan, we deeply appreciate the generosity of our members who provide essential support of our sangha, our practice, and our social action programs. It is only through the kindness of our friends that we may continue along this path. Please enquire if interested in becoming a member.

~~~ Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Please conform to current standard directions as posted by the Health Department of Western Australia. Less than ten people attend zazenkai. For many people this is fewer than the number of people they work with, and considerably fewer people than they would normally meet in everyday dealings over a weekend, so please exercise your own judgement about attending.

Gassho, Mark Unryu Seman Jikijitsuryo

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