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Zen Centres, Temples and Groups in Australia


We list a number of Australian Zen centres and Temples here, the list is not complete but it is growing.


Please check the drop down menu for your area.



If you are from a bonefied group or centre please feel free to submit a URL and other information. We are quite happy to give a full page if the information is complete.


Listing here does not presume affiliation with us (though some are).


There is no 'Federation of Zen' in Australia yet, there are a number of teachers around Australia however who have agreed in principle to honour a future body if it comes into being. Basically, there are a nummber of main traditions Rinzai and Soto, a number of organizations who identify with those in some way because of thier parent tradition, and a number of teachers and groups within those. It's a basic concept within Zen that teachers, groups and traditions respect relative autonomies, yet follow basic conventions, therefor the 'Zen therapist' is an appropriated construct and not in fact part of Zen tradition, and the group or teacher recieveing authorization from the Korean, Japanese, Chinese or American 'tradition' is not. Since Zen is a big family it is easy to discover 'who is, and who is not'.



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