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Be My Self




Beginners new to Zen BE MYSELF Classes are held 3 times a week, Monday evening 6.30pm, Tuesday Morning 7am and Wednesday morning 7am. You can choose which suits you. 


Some basics



  • Taiso - a method of self applied Shiatsu massage


  • Kiko - a method of standing movement Chi breath exercises 


  • Hatha - a gentle form of Yogic stretching 


  • ending with 20 minute Zen meditation period 





For beginners and regulars


Zen originated in India 2500 years ago, spread into China, taking with it Buddhist Hatha exercises, there in India it mingled with Chinese Doaist exercises for maintaining the body in preparation for Zazen meditation.  


The BE MYSELF group is meeting combing all of the above, the Hatha is gentle form of Stretching Yoga, this is combined with Shiatsu meridian massage and Kiko, a breath movement form similar to Tai Chi. After this we move to 20 minutes of Zen meditation. So the BE MYSELF Group is an excellent stand alone, suitable for anyone. 


Taiso, Kiko and Hatha have been practiced in Zen temples for centuries as a means of helping to maintain health and augmenting Meditation and Self Inquiry. 


You can join the BE MYSELF group only or you can go on to also join in other Zen practices at Jizoan held during the week and weekends.


                                                   Free for regular Zen group members

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