Daily Sitting and talks

Tea and the Moon


We are conditioned by a Billion Billion things in life, since this is so, it is natural that to reach freedom from this conditioning we need help from community and those who went before us.

  Zen is more than just a meditation method, in fact if it were just a technique it would just another thing to add to those things you already have. 

Zen is simply, to live, to see, to be with yourself and with others. To step outside our perceptions and wants, and just live in harmony

Everything is relative to the moment and there is no outside or insde when we enter and sit.



Beginners new to Zen are welcome and we will teach you how to sit, about the walking and the ritual of the sitting, which is minimal, and give you a foundation for the regular sittings in the group and at home, you can form good contact relationship with the teacher Mujyo Roshi, and get friendship and support from those also treading the way.​ In fact since Zen hinges on face to face, one on one contact, only sitting alone is not really Zen at all.


Some basics


  • Sitting zazen periods are 18 mins long interspersed with walking kinhin.


  • A practice talk may preceed the evening sittings or instructions for beginners.

Option for you to participate in Koan introspection



For regulars sittings are organized with periods of sitting, walking and lecture from the teacher. It may seem difficult at first but if you have the right mind then sitting in silence, moving to the bell, listening to the teacher, and making friends over tea afterwards becomes your rock.

You will meet a mix of regulars who come and sit each week, even many times a week, people who came and stay 3 days or a week and sit and live in hermitage and other beginners and casuals.


Regular sitting once a week if you can is supportive, if you can't it's OK, when you can is fine, you might consider if you are distance challenged to try the Zazen weekends, and even if you sit regularly you might consider augmenting what should be a very important part of you life with group sitting. Regular sitting helps you move towards participating in Sesshin and One on One Koan interviews. 



Weekly Zazen takes place at Jizoan on


Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday mornings from 7am to 7.50am 

Monday to Friday evenings from 6.30pm until 8pm.

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