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Monthly All day Seminar and zazen


Since it is vastly better to experience Zen directly, rather than talk or read about it.


Sunday Zazenkai provides an authentic, albeit brief, experience of Rinzai Zen practice. The weekend begins with an orientation in sitting posture, and other forms.


The Sunday Zazenkai is a chance to practice solid zazen while combining with workshop subjects and feeling the life of a Zen temple. An excellent opportunity also for those living away from the Zen Centre to engage on a regular basis. 


The Full day of workshops and meditation is a great way to connect with the tradition 


Some aspects covered on a regular basis,


a)beginner training in Zen,

Practical basics, meditation, kinhin,, theory, proceedures 


b) ongoing training,

Arts, shakyo, garden theory,listening to practice lectures 


or c) Advanced training towards becoming a practice leader,

jikijitsu ritual proceedures, chant leading, temple administration


d) preparing for sesshin participation, 

sanzen instruction


Any of the above can be combined with a Zen Studies program 

Each Zazenkai comprises workshop covering a variety facets of Zen. Through which you will have a potentially strong foundation your future Zen practice


7am Zazen

8.45 tea

9am Workshop


12pm lunch (shojin ryorin)


1pm Workshop


4pm Shakyo practice


5pm Dinner


6pm Zazen


7.45pm end


People can join in zazen at 7am or 6pm, however those staying the whole day should be registered to do so and commit to starting at 7am and leaving at day's end.


It could seem like a lot, however it is just once a month as often as you wish and it is your life. It maybe a proactive chance to say to the world - on that Saturday all day I'm practicing Zen.



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