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Beginning ZEN

Beginners Workshop 'Moon Viewing' is a workshop covering a variety facets of Zen. Through which you will have a potentially strong foundation your future personal Zen practice, and an understanding in your past Zen practice. Zen is a life time of personal self iquiry with the guidance of Zen teachers, however everyone starts somewhere.
After which you can join any group sitting evening or day, and/or be prepared to sit on your own. 

Workshop details                                                       

Introduction to basic posture, breathing, other practical instructions and principles of Zen.

Introduction to Genjo Koan - meditation with the Fundamental Koan and other practical principles and instruction


Develop a mentorship relationship with the Zen teacher and practice leaders at the Zen Centre. 

Zen is not all in a workshop however, our workshop will give you basic understanding of how to sit on your own or in a group, it won't make you a teacher of other's or even a sage, it's just a beginning. It will still be up to you to develop. 


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