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Cognitive Compassion

Where have the geese gone?

Over the horizon?

Are you sure?

Are they really still there?

What if they really aren't?

Well sometimes our dealings with each other are like this.

I no longer see you in the room, you no longer see me in the room, are we still there?

Forgetting each other as soon as out of sight.

What did you do today?

What did I do today?

Ever wonder?

Very easily the geese really did cease to exist out of sight.

One of the marker's in Childhood development is the ablitiy to realize that when someone moves to the other room, they are still there. But how often do 'developed' Adults forget that?

It's also a marker in mental health issues, some types of cognitive deficit mean that the person cannot properly understand that other's exist or enter and leave the room. Yet how many 'normal' people do this?

How often have we complained the sandwhich was not made right, while somewhere many have no sandwhich at all?

You see Compassion is related to sanity.

Saneness is related to the abilty to see others and not just focus on me. That's not just a measure for the clinically disturbed, but all of us.

How sane are you moment to moment?

How's your ability to empathize? Empathy - interchangable with Compassion is not just the ability to wipe tears away when someone is crying in front of you. That would actually be the most rudimentary form of it. Higher Compassion is fundamentally the same as knowing what happened to the geese.

It is a fundamental cognition.

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